Connected Minds Parent Course: A neuroscientific approach to being a parent

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Course Description

Our Connected Minds Parent course offers a neuroscience-based, practical and time efficient solution for parents who want to feel confident in raising their children in today’s world.  

As parents ourselves we know that every parent experiences upheavals, sleepless nights and behavioural challenges. We can all feel frustrated, powerless, stressed, anxious and guilty, even when we know we are doing our best. 

Our online Connected Minds Parent course allows you to take the positive steps necessary to connect with your family on a whole new level. To collaborate together with confidence and understanding. And to support each other through life’s inevitable challenges. Children whose parents consistently use the positive parenting techniques that are embedded in our course have fewer behaviour problems, are more resilient, get along better with friends, do better academically and can even have better physical health.

Whilst this course is for all families, those who have children with SEN needs or a neurodiverse profile will find this course particularly helpful. 

What the course covers:

Our six session, self-paced online course covers teaching on brain development, an outline of what the executive function skills are, what it looks like when they don’t work properly and how to improve them. How parents communicate with their child to teach these skills is crucially important and will be covered in some detail.

The course is made up of six lessons, but broken down into topics which contain short videos (of between 2 and 15 minutes) so you can study at your convienience and at your own pace. 

Here’s what you will get:

  • 24/7 Access – We know you are really busy. So watch any video any time. Stop whenever you need to, then resume when you can.

  • Handouts & Worksheets – Sometimes it’s nice to have reminders. Video lessons include quick tip sheets you can print out and post on your fridge.

  • Research BasedResearch Based – our advice isn’t based on opinion. All the content is based on neuroscience, executive function and psychological research.

  • Expert Instruction – Your Parenting Expert, Imogen is a parent herself, has a master’s in psychology and is an expert in executive functions.

  • On the Go Learning – No time to sit still? Watch videos from your phone, tablet, or computer. While doing dishes, waiting for clubs to finish…anytime, anywhereconvenience


Your Course Coach

Drawing on 15 years’ experience as a researcher, psychologist and parenting expert, Imogen Moore-Shelley will help you to learn simple, practical approaches and strategies that will make a noticeable difference to your child and families behaviour by supporting them to develop self-control and resilience.

  • Immediate access to 6 sessions with several short (2-15 mins) self paced video lessons in each 

  • A certificate of completion

  • Quizzes to test your progress

“Useful, simple tools I now use everyday! Thank you!” Sarah, Mum of 3 girls

“I am calmer and therefore have more control in situations. I now have greater confidence in how I am as a parent.” Rebecca, Mother to 2 boys.

“We have formed a better understanding of our children’s emotions and behaviours and the role neuroscience has to play in helping us make things more positive in our home.” Kelly and John, parents

“A small price to pay for an investment in our family’s future.” Peter, Father to 3

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