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Our courses are designed for everyone. Whether you need support with parenting, controlling your emotions, improving your working memory or using empathy, we have courses available for you. 

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We have courses available for busy parents who want to raise motivated and confident children, and for schools to support educators with implementing executive function literacy and strategies in the classroom.

We have specialised courses for individuals who are looking to improve their personal and/or career development and have courses available for workplaces who would like to share executive function knowledge and tools with their teams or work colleagues.

£150 / $203

Connected Minds Parent Course: A neuroscientific approach to being a parent

£20 / $27
Time Management

Time Management – Increase your productivity and learning potential

£20 / $27
Planning & Prioritisation

Planning & Prioritisation – Avoid distractions & procrastination. Stay focused and increase your productivity

£20 / $27

Sustained Attention – Increase your focus and maximise productivity


Expert Interview: Phil Anderton – On his journey from the police service to ADHD 360

Join our Co-Founder Victoria Bagnall as she interviews Phil Anderton about his journey from being a policeman to founding full service ADHD support service ADHD 360.

Executive Functions: An introduction

£20 / $27
Organisation Course

Organisation – Learn new strategies so that you can regain control of your life

£20 / $27

Goal-Directed Persistence – Learn how to set achievable goals and stay motivated

£20 / $27
Task Initiation

Task Initiation – Reduce procrastination and get started sooner

£20 / $27

Using Empathy at School: A three-step approach

£20 / $27

Using Empathy at Work: A three-step approach

£20 / $27

Working Memory – Learn how to boost your short term memory

£20 / $27

Emotional Control – Learn strategies to control your emotions

£20 / $27
Empathy at home

Using Empathy at Home: A three-step approach

Join our co-founder Victoria Bagnall as she teaches you to use empathy in your everyday life to build connection.

Expert Interview: Neuroscientist Prof. Adele Diamond – stress and executive functions in quarantine


Expert Interview: Child Psychiatrist Prof. Peter Hill – How girls with ADHD will cope with life in quarantine


Expert Interview: With executive function pioneer Dr. Peg Dawson – Homeschooling during quarantine.

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