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What are executive functions?

Executive functions are a family of three core processes: inhibitory control, working memory and cognitive flexibility. These three core executive functions work together in different ways resulting 11 high-order processes called executive function skills including organisation, planning and prioritisation, emotional control and goal-directed persistence.

We know from research that executive functions have a profound impact on children’s educational success, act as a strong indicator on educational outcomes during adolescence and promote health and success in adulthood.

Why choose CiM Learning?

CiM Learning is the leading online resources centre for all executive function based learning.


Learn at your own pace – Our courses are self study. Learn around your existing lives.


Professional certification – Some of our courses are CPD accredited to aid in your professional development


Ongoing coaching support – Our Executive Function Coaches are on hand to help support you even further

Hear from the experts

We bring together executive function and neuroscience specialists from all over the world to share their insight into the daily challenges that we all face.

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