Using Empathy at Work: A three-step approach

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Course Description

Understanding other people’s emotions is a key skill in the workplace. It can enable us to resolve conflicts, to build more productive teams, and to improve our relationships with co-workers, clients and customers.

But, while most of us are confident about learning new technical skills, we may feel ill-equipped to develop our interpersonal skills. And many people are self-conscious about discussing their own feelings, never mind anyone else’s!

Join our co-founder Victoria Bagnall as she teaches you to use empathy within the workplace to build connection and get the most out of your team.

What you will learn

  • The difference between empathy and sympathy
  • A brief look at the neuroscience and psychology behind empathy
  • A simple three-step approach to using empathy at work
  • Five pitfalls to avoid
  • Real life examples of the power of empathy at work
  • A short quiz to consolidate your learning

Your Course Coach

Victoria Bagnall, is a pioneer in the field of executive function skills development and passionately believes that applying the latest developments in neuroscience is the key to unlocking the potential to flourish in all aspects of our lives. As a mother of 3 herself, Victoria understands the need for empathy in the home to have happy and harmonious families.​

This short course is for professionals who want to understand the subject of empathy, what it is and how to develop and practice it at work.

“A great course in understanding empathy and how it can have a positive effect in the workplace.”

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