Webinar - Why essay writing is so hard: Executive function perspectives and solutions.

Why essay writing is so hard: Executive function perspectives and solutions.  (£50)

This webinar was held on the 29th November


Who is this course for?

STUDENTS (A level and up) looking to tackle their essay writing skills

PARENTS keen to understand their young person’s writing challenges

EDUCATION PROFESSIONALS looking for ways to support their clients to develop their writing skills.

Essays are tough…you may have BRILLIANT ideas floating around your head, but getting them out on paper can be really challenging. For us neurodivergent folk, there are additional brain processes that make essay writing especially tricky.

But you aren’t born a good essay writer or not – there are skills, strategies and processes that you can adopt – imperative for our unique brains! – to develop these skills.

Join Victoria Bagnall (Co-founder and MD of Connections in Mind) for this unique webinar, to dive into this scenario that plays such a big role in students A levels and above. 

What you will take away from this webinar:

  • Why essay writing can be so intimidating
  • Learn about the parts of the brain heavily involved in essay writing (our pre-frontal cortex and its cognitive functions)
  •  Learn which executive function skills are needed for essay writing, and how to build these skills
  • Understand why stress, lack of sleep, poor nutrition and other factors can influence essay writing
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