SEN Professional Training

Helping SEN professionals screen for executive function differences and offer learning support focussed on meeting the specific needs of the children in their care.

Learn how to better support neurodivergent learners.

Neuroscience is now finding that there are brain processes responsible for some of the learning differences we see in SEND work. Our executive functions impact our working memory, cognitive flexibility and inhibitory control. Students with ADHD, ASD, Dyslexia and more will be impacted. SEN professionals can help learners to develop skills associated with these brain functions through a three step approach. In our approach students are more aware of the reasons for their challenges and take more ownership of their personal development. 


Our SEN Training Course

Most people have an array of executive function skills strengths and challenges. Identifying those challenges can help in order to devise strategies to overcome these barriers to learning. The malleable nature of the brain’s neural pathways means we can all learn techniques to overcome executive function challenges. 

SEN Professionals who attend our course will learn to screen for executive function differences and design learning support which meets the complex needs of children in their care.  

What does the course cover?

  • Basic neuroscience and neuroplasticity
  • Executive function skills and how to communicate their impact
  • Assessing learners executive function profiles
  • Evaluating if a learner is ready to make changes
  • Supporting learners to identify executive function skill goals
  • Supporting learners to develop new habits and strategies
  • Supporting learners to maintain progress
  • Capturing impact and supporting learners to evaluate their progress
  • Connections in Mind’s three step approach to developing executive function skills
  • Communicating about executive functioning with parents, colleagues, and SLT
  • Initiating a whole-school executive function approach.

Perfect for: SENCOS, LSAs, TAs.

Who can attend the training?

The training is designed for SENCOs, LSAs, and TAs already working with children and young people. It is perfect for education professionals, who want to embed executive function skills into their daily work. Bespoke training can also be arranged within your school, charity or organisation.

In order to enrol on the course you will need to provide evidence that you have a minimum of three years of work experience with children and young people and submit a copy of DBS (or equivalent) and safeguarding training. 

It is important to note that this course is an additional skills training course and does not replace a SENCO qualification.

Your Facilitator

Victoria Bagnall is a world-renowned speaker and author on executive functioning, brain development and behaviour.  

 She is the co-founder of Connections in Mind and has dedicated her life to raising awareness about neurological differences, executive functioning and brain states. She believes that this knowledge has the power to bring about significant societal change by fostering a culture of neuro-inclusion. 

As a teacher by profession, her skill lies in translating complex neuroscientific findings into engaging, thought provoking learning experiences.  


Book on to our free weekly Q&A Session...

Book a time to speak with our Co-Founder and course facilitator Victoria Bagnall who will be able to answer any questions you may have. 

Praise for Our Training

Upcoming Training Dates

Summer Programme 2024

Mondays - 5pm - 7:30pm BST

  • 22 April – Welcome & Tech Check (30 mins)
  • 29 April – Session 1: Executive Functions, Neuroplasticity & Behaviour Change
  • 6 May – Session 2: Connect Phase – EF profiling, EF literacy, empathy and compassion
  • 13 May – Session 3: Collaboration Phase – Working with learners to develop specific strategies which work for them
  • 20 May – Session 4: Support Phase – How to scaffold habit development for EF skills mastery.
  • 3 June – Session 5: Wider Community – How to communicate with parents, teachers and SLT to get buy-in for a whole school approach

PLEASE TAKE NOTE of our Training Ts and Cs before booking your spot on the training. 


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What next: further training?

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Looking for training for 4 or more colleagues?

If you are interested in signing up 4 or more people please email us on  

We can offer a buy 3 get one free offer for schools or peer groups.  We can also offer a bespoke training for up to 15 people, please email us for more information. 

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