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100’s of educational psychologist approved, printable resources

Monthly free introduction to executive functions webinar for parents and teachers

Twice termly CPD accredited webinars

On demand CPD accredited webinar library.

Consultancy and Supervision.

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Why choose Connections in Mind Training?

We believe in the power of helping people to understand their brains and brain states. Our resources and CPD accredited webinars help people to be more compassionate to themselves and those around them. With our strategies learners become more self aware, self confident and develop essential skills to help them be their best selves.   

Educational Psychologist Approved

Every resource we create is approved by our in-house team of educational psychologists. So you can be assured that it reflects the latest neuropsychological research and is suitable for use with young people.

Neuro-inclusive Design

We like to practice what we preach – all our resources and training is designed to be as neuro-inclusive as possible.  We use images, colour and limit the amount of text we use to make our resources and training as accessible as possible.  We use live captioning in zoom and transcripts of all our recorded webinars are also available.

Expert Facilitators

Our team of facilitators include; experienced EF coaches, specialist teachers, university lecturers, educational psychologists and cognitive neuropsychologists.

Access anywhere with a internet connection 

Since COVID all of our training is available online which means that you can access it anywhere in the world. All you need is a reliable internet connection. 

Unlimited access school wide

Each subscription grants you a unique login code, providing easy access to our extensive resource library. Every member of your school staff can freely download as many resources as they need, whenever they need them.

Teachers from schools who opt for the CPD subscription gain exclusive entry to a library of CPD-accredited webinars, available 24/7. Upon completion, educators will receive their well-deserved certification, further enhancing their professional development.

Subscribe now to unlock a world of resources that will nurture self-awareness, boost self-confidence, and foster the skills young people need to be independent learners.

Give teachers the tools they need to help your learners flourish.


An affordable annual fee for unlimited school wide access to...



  Monthly Intro. Webinar

  Resource Library

10% discount on all trainings     



  Monthly Intro. Webinar

  Resource Library

15% discount on all trainings     

Twice Termly CPD sessions

CPD Session Library    



  Monthly Intro. Webinar

  Resource Library

 20% discount on all trainings     

Twice Termly CPD sessions

CPD Session Library    

6 x Group Supervision

1 x Consultancy 

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