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High quality training you can apply straight away.

Grounded in neuroscience.


Hybrid online courses: self-study and live practicals.

Professional standards recognised globally.

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Interested to find out more?

We run a weekly Q&A session with one of our facilitators.  Join other interested professionals to learn more about the courses and have your questions answered. We look forward to connecting with you!

“I am so glad I joined.  I have attended to several trainings in neurodiversity, but this was definitely the best. 
I have long suspected that executive function is the “missing link” in our understanding of neurodiversity, and indeed, of ourselves.
Thank you.”

1:1 Executive Function Coach

From £700

6 week course (32 hrs)

  Level 1 (of 4) Core Skills Training  

  For professionals looking to support clients 1:1

  Get started straight away

  Hybrid online course  

  Neuro-inclusive learning design       

  Practical sessions to apply learning          

  Open book assessment      

Executive Function Coach Training for Schools

From £700

6 week course (32 hrs)

  Level 1 (of 4) Core Skills Training  

  For learning support professionals, teachers and tutors

  Focus on learner support and whole-school training

  Hybrid online course  

  Neuro-inclusive learning design    

  Practical sessions to apply learning          

  Open book assessment    

Why choose Connections in Mind Training?

We believe in the power of training people about our brains and brain states to transform the world by helping people to be more compassionate to themselves and those around them.  We are 150% dedicated to this cause. 

Expert Facilitators

Our team of facilitators include; experienced EF coaches, specialist teachers, university lecturers, educational psychologists and cognitive neuropsychologists. 

Practical Training

Our training is designed to be applied immediately.  During the training you have ample opportunity to practice your new skills and will be ready to start offering services as soon as you have passed your assessment and received your accreditation. 

Neuro-inclusive Design

We like to practice what we preach – all our training is designed to be as neuro-inclusive as possible.  From a detailed handbook, to transcripts of videos and action check-lists, we hope that you will feel that it the learning has been designed with your needs in mind. 

Access anywhere with a internet connection 

Since COVID, all of our group trainings are 100% online which means that you can access it anywhere in the world.  We stagger start times through the year so there should always be a slot coming up which suits your time zone. 


Professional Network

As part of our service to you we host a professional network on Mighty Networks where you can meet like-minded professionals from other courses and share experiences, insights and strategies.



Join our Connected Club to access 100s of pages of resources and tools you can use with you clients to help them on their voyage of self discovery. 


CPD Events

As an alumni of our training you will have access to our regular online CPD accredited webinars where you can further and deepen your knowledge of executive functioning and how to support the people in your care. 

Got some questions?

Book a spot at our weekly Q & A session with Casey Anley on Zoom.

Bespoke Training Available

At Connections in Mind we know that every organisation has it’s own culture, people and needs. 

We regularly host bespoke trainings for schools, universities, organisations, corporations, action groups and charities.  These can be in person or online.

Email us for more information: 

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