Winter Self-Care Toolkit

Winter Self-Care Toolkit


We’ve got all kinds of printables in this month’s toolkit – All designed by psychologists & EF coaches to help you with strategies to draw up a workable plan to tackle the long winter months. This is one you will keep coming back to – winter and beyond!




Your downloadable toolkit includes:


  • Seasonal Affective Disorder symptom checklist – what it is, and how to get support 

  • Weekly self-care schedule – a bingo board of ideas
  • Self-care menu – plot out your plan for self-care
  • Gratitude chart – log and reflect on what makes you feel grateful
  • CiM favourite resource guide – our personal go-to resources
  • Reframing self-talk – examine your inner critic and plot out your new script
  • ANTs worksheet – dig int and challenge that inner dialogue

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