Webinar – Screening for EFD

Webinar – Screening for EFD

This event has been postponed

Learners in our care can present with executive function skills challenges for a number of reasons. Some are neurodivergent and have a diagnosis (ADHD, ASD, Dyslexia, OCD, ODD, Tourettes etc), while some will have experienced trauma that impairs the development of their prefrontal cortex so that they find it more challenging to develop these skills. Whatever the reason for their executive function differences (EFD), screening for EFD can help learning support professionals to provide tailored support that meets the needs of the student beyond literacy, numeracy & study skills support. With clearer insights into the challenges our learners face, we can help them to be more self aware,  identify skills gaps they can work on, and help teachers set work within their zones of proximal development.

Who is this course for?

This course is designed for Educational Psychologists,  Learning Support Professionals, SENCOs, SLT, Pastoral & Safeguarding Leads and any professional working alongside learners with additional needs in an education setting.

What prior knowledge is required? 

Prior knowledge of executive functions and their associated skills will be expected.

We recommend completing our Introduction to Executive Function Skills short course (40 minutes) before joining this course.

What will I learn? 

This course is designed to cover how EFD screening can benefit learners, teachers and schools, focusing on:

  • Executive Function Skills Screening – the QR we use and its validity.
  • Data collection methodology (computer based parent, teacher and student QRs)
  • Using the data: Developmentally appropriate expectations, patterns and areas of focus.
  • The use of EFD screening as part of a three step approach to supporting executive function skills development.
  • Examples of whole school, year group, small group and 1:1 executive function skills support.

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