Webinar – Neurodiversity and Unconscious Bias in the Workplace

Webinar – Neurodiversity and Unconscious Bias in the Workplace


Thriving in the workplace as a neurodiverse person or someone with executive functions skills challenges can be very tough, with many feeling misunderstood, overlooked, undervalued, and at times, discriminated against. This is exacerbated in a huge proportion of workplaces in which colleagues don’t understand or assume the worst about neurodiversity. In this webinar with neuropsychologist Dr Soracha Cashman, we will discuss Unconscious Bias around neurodiversity in the workplace, address self-advocacy issues and gather your experiences.


Learning Outcomes: 


  • Understand what unconscious bias is, and why the brain defaults to it
  • Learn about the different kinds of unconscious bias and how they manifest
  • Understand the realities of the unconscious bias challenges faced by neurodiverse people
  • Identify your own risk of unconscious bias … against others and yourself!
  • Hear other neurodiverse people’s experiences and share your own
  • Understand the importance of self-and-other advocacy in the workplace
  • Get a handle on what your workplace can do to be more neuro-inclusive

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