Time Management – Increase your productivity and learning potential

Time Management – Increase your productivity and learning potential


This short, coach led course explores the need for reflection, planning, organising, setting goals and responding to day-to-day activities and demands. It will also help you decide what activities give you the biggest return at work and in life. You will consider what methods of time management are possible in your situation and learn how to make time management a daily practice. This course takes a practical approach to helping you improve your time-management using strategies, demonstrating that these skills are critical to being effective and succeeding both at work and at home. Our courses put neuroscience at their core through better understanding executive functions and their part in helping us to manage our time more effectively. Executive functions are a set of skills that allow us to direct our focus to plan, start, remember, and continue tasks: inhibition, cognitive flexibility and working memory. Find out more about executive functions.

What you will learn

  • Understand time-management in relation to executive functions and neuroscience
  • Manage your time better and become more productive through coach led strategies both at work and at home
  • Plan your time using various approaches such as SMART
  • Identify urgent tasks and which tasks you can say no to and delegate
  • Learn how Connections in Mind can help if you need more support with improving your executive function skills

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Time Management
Time Management – Increase your productivity and learning potential
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