September’s 2023 Resources

September’s 2023 Resources


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The September Resource pack contains the following resources:

Neuro-insight Module: Stress and Executive Functioning

Always thought that stress is a good motivator? 

Yes – you and the rest of society!  

BUT… The most recent research shows it is not.  Even mild stress only improves executive functioning in a tiny fraction of people. The rest of us perform best in total calm. 

Join Victoria Bagnall as she runs through the latest research from Professor Adele Diamond’s lab at the University of British Columbia.  

Learning outcomes:
  • The effect stress has on executive functioning
  • The impact of mild socio-evaluative stress on executive functioning
  • The implications for using shame and fear of embarrassment as motivators
  • Why we should focus on achieving states of calm in order to do our best work
Brain Boost Module: 5 brains-5 work-life balance hacks

It can be tricky to return from a lovely, restful holiday to step back into work mode, or get the kids ready for a new school year. The thought of long work hours, or rush-rush-rush with the kids can leave you longing for that holiday feeling…

Fear not – it is possible to claim that life balance – with some practical strategies & setting up some healthy habits.

Learning outcomes:

In this pre-recorded, self-paced, bite-size video (less than 7 minutes):

  • Setting up a morning routine
  • Listening to your body and setting up boundaries
  • Balancing tasks on your to-do list
  • The importance of support networks
  • Finding a self-pacing strategy that respects your energy
Toolkit: Work-Life Balance Toolkit

Time for your energy audit! 

We’ve got all kinds of printables for you to take stock of your energy, come up with workable plans to manage your boundaries, & set up strategies to preserve the all-important work-life balance! 

Your downloadable toolkit includes:

  • My Energy Audit
  • Managing My Energy
  • My Energy Abundant Life
  • Balance Your Life Web
  • Sleep Tracker
  • Healthy Internal Boundaries
  • Fostering Self-Awareness of your Needs

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