Scattered Brain Toolkit

Scattered Brain Toolkit


Just think how wonderful it would be to untangle our scattered brains! Do you want to be in control of your life by setting effective goals, developing essential priorities, organising your next steps, managing your passwords, staying on top of your cleaning and developing new habits. If so, then this is the toolkit for you.

By using this bundle, you can expect to:

  • Gain clarity about what changes and decisions to make
  • Understand what will make your life more fulfilling and happier
  • Feel more motivated when you wake up in the morning (even on Mondays :))
  • Refocus your energy towards what matters most
  • Plan and manage your time more effectively
  • Declutter areas of your life to make room for something new
  • Develop an accountability system for yourself with structure
  • Develop and strengthen healthy habits to move your life forward

With these printable pages you won’t feel overwhelmed by life’s tasks anymore!

The toolkit includes:

  • Daily and weekly planners, checklists, schedules, task sheets
  • To do lists, important dates,
  • Weekly goals and reflections
  • Password trackers
  • Cleaning schedules, de-clutter lists and zone cleaning
  • Self care lists, thoughts tracker, letter of forgiveness and brain dump

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