EF Literacy Cards For Young Children

EF Literacy Cards For Young Children


These amazing cards can be the key to developing a shared EF literacy with young children. These can be purchased as a Pre-printed pack or as Online Print ready cards.

11 Double Sided EF Strategy Cards

Each, double sided, card features an animal which children have told us can exhibit a strength in a particular EF skill. Such as EVE – OWL -ULATE the wise owl who is very metacognitive, and STOP SPOT the dog who shows really great response inhibition even though he really, really, really wants to jump up. On the back of each card you and your child(ren) will find helpful strategies you can use in any environment to help develop strong EF skills, just like the characters.

For the printed cards please check out with your correct postal address so that the cards can be sent to you. The price includes postage and package.

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