Parent course and Pre Printed EF Cards

Parent course and Pre Printed EF Cards


Our Connected Minds Parent course offers a neuroscience-based, practical and time efficient solution for parents who want to feel confident in raising their children in today’s world.

As parents ourselves we know that every parent experiences upheavals, sleepless nights and behavioural challenges. We can all feel frustrated, powerless, stressed, anxious and guilty, even when we know we are doing our best.

Our online Connected Minds Parent course allows you to take the positive steps necessary to connect with your family on a whole new level. To collaborate together with confidence and understanding. And to support each other through life’s inevitable challenges. Children whose parents consistently use the positive parenting techniques that are embedded in our course have fewer behaviour problems, are more resilient, get along better with friends, do better academically and can even have better physical health.

FREE – Purchase our 6 session, coach led Parent Course and receive our EF Literacy Cards for free in the post worth £22. Each card features an animal which children have told us can exhibit a strength in a particular EF skill. Such as EVE – OWL -ULATE the wise owl who is very metacognitive, and STOP SPOT the dog who shows really great response inhibition even though he really, really, really wants to jump up. On the back of each card you and your child(ren) will find helpful strategies you can use in any environment to help develop strong EF skills, just like the characters.

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