Webinar: An Introduction To Executive Functioning

Webinar: An Introduction To Executive Functioning


This free webinar was held live on 24 October 2023.
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We have recently started charging a small amount (£5) for recordings to cover the costs of our time and running the website – it is still totally free to join on the night!


Looking for your Lightbulb Moment? 

Are you keen to learn more about executive functions to make some changes in your life, or to be able to better support your loved ones?


Some key takeaways you can expect:

*The neuroscience behind executive functions

*How our brain influences our ability to organise ourselves, manage our behaviour and regulate our emotions to meet our goals

*What next: Support avenues & strategies for stronger executive function skills

*Hear from a dear community member: Her journey with executive functions, where she is now & how she found her support tribe! 



Watch the INTRODUCTION to EXECUTIVE FUNCTIONS webinar recording presented by Casey Anley.

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