Livecast: Nutrition & ADHD

Livecast: Nutrition & ADHD


Join us for this free Livecast with Shawna Hughes, a registered holistic nutritionist specialising in nutrition for ADHD. She has helped scores of parents unpack what might be exacerbating ADHD symptoms in their children, and how to introduce new, battle-free ideas for meals. Not just for parents with children – this discussion could be the lightbulb moment for adults who are looking to regain a handle over ADHD symptoms. 


In this livecast, we will be lead by these Key Takeways:

* What foods are good for ADHD brains and what are not 

* What are some deficiencies that can mimic OR worsen ADHD symptoms

* How to remember (and remind others) to eat regularly, and what foods would be good to snack on

* Meal ideas for busy parents who may struggle with their own ADHD – let’s get rid of overwhelm and living in the kitchen!

*Unpacking eating patterns that you may not even realise are characteristic of ADHD

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