November’s 2023 Resources

November’s 2023 Resources


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The November Resource pack contains the following resources:

Neuro-insight Module: The Neuroscience of Connection

“Human beings are wired to connect – and we have the most complex and interesting social behaviour out of all animals.” Dr Michael Platt (biological anthropologist)


Join Dr Soracha Cashman, Cognitive Neuropsychologist, in this brief Neuro Insights module to learn a little more about connection and why it can be a challenge for those with EF difficulties…but one we can improve on.

Learning outcomes:
  • What is Empathy?
  • How does Social Pain manifest in the brain?
  • The  Neurodiverse Self
  • How can we build Social Intelligence?
  • Self-awareness, compassion and the difference they can make to connections
Brain Boost Module: Pace Yourself: 5 tips for family harmony over the festive season

This year’s festive season needn’t be an emotional minefield to navigate…some forward planning and strategic thinking can make all of the difference. We want to walk you through a personal plan to ensure this year’s festive season is different. 

Learning outcomes:

In this pre-recorded, self-paced, bite-size video (less than 7 minutes):

  • How family members’ different childhood experiences of the festive season can cause clashes, and how to make space for this
  • How to pre-empt and make space for conversations around visiting time, food, gifting and more
  • Why the holidays can spell emotional overload for children
  • How to get on top of travelling plans – to get you where you need to be on time, with everything you need!
  • How to get the whole family involved on the day – in a fun way
  • How to look out for yourself and your energy in the run up and on the day of the festive season celebrations
Toolkit: Festive season emotional regulation toolkit

We’ve got all kinds of printables in this month’s toolkit – All designed by psychologists & EF coaches to help you with strategies to draw up a workable plan for when you may feel dysregulated over the holidays. This is one you will keep coming back to – during the holidays and beyond!

Your downloadable toolkit includes:

  • Appreciation Chart – How to notice and communicate your appreciation
  • Marble Jar of Trust – Examine your trust deposits and withdrawals
  • Examine the Facts  – Unpack an upsetting, triggering incident
  • Self-Care Menu  – Compile your personal self-care go-to list
  • Zones of Regulation – What is your body telling you to do, and how to respond
  • 5 Senses Mindfulness exercise – tap into your 5 senses to ground yourself into the present
  • My Go-To Affirmations – Compile your list to keep handy in your travels or at home
  • Mindful Colouring in – Take 5 to unwind and connect with yourself
  • Children’s Calm-Down kit – Ideas to assemble a child’s Calm-Down kit

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