Webinar – Creating a neuro-inclusive school

Webinar – Creating a neuro-inclusive school


20th June 2023: 4.30-5.30pm UK time

Belonging is fundamental to human development.  Maslow had this right in the 1940s, as confirmed by the latest neuroscience research into brain development, attachment, connection and trauma. Despite this, only 30% of people feel that they belong in school and that drops significantly in the neurodivergent, ethnic minority, and non-binary communities. When we work together as a school community to ensure that everyone feels a sense of belonging, we can remove barriers to personal development from the bottom up.  By focusing on belonging, we can co-create neuro-inclusive schools where everyone in the community( learners, staff and parents) feel safe, loved and understood, and as a result, reach their potential.


This talk draws on the work of: 

  1. Professor Adele Diamond and her research Lab (University of British Columbia)
  2. The Harvard Centre of the Developing Child (Harvard University)
  3. Dr Bessel Van Der Kolk
  4. Professor Kathryn Riley (University College London)
  5. Dr Lori Desaultes

Who is this course for?

This course is designed for Parents, Learners, Learning Support Professionals, SENCOs, SLT, Pastoral & Safeguarding Leads, and anyone with an interest in creating neuro-inclusive schools with belonging, compassion and love at their heart.

What prior knowledge is required?

Prior knowledge of executive functions and their associated skills will be expected.

We recommend completing our Introduction to Executive Function Skills short course (40 minutes) before joining this course.

What will I learn? 

This course is designed to look at why belonging is so fundamental, and to introduce the work of our Belonging Project action research:

  • Why belonging is fundamental to human development – what’s the evidence.
  • The causes of executive function differences – it’s no one’s fault.
  • How society’s unconscious bias and judgement of executive function skills challenges make us all (and some more than others) feel shame for something beyond our control.
  • Why schools are fundamental in working to redress society’s bias.
  • How community leads (learner, parent, staff) can conduct action research on belonging, that  can help create truly inclusive school environments.
  • Details of support and funding available to participate in the Belonging Project pilot.

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