Masterclass – ADHD Burnout: Pace your race to the end of the year

Masterclass – ADHD Burnout: Pace your race to the end of the year


Masterclass was held live on 12/10/2022. Purchase the recording!

Do you normally crawl over the finish line of the year; Exhausted, physically ill, with nothing left in the tank? It’s not your fault – it’s your brain! With the right intentions and workable plan, this year can be different.  Join our Co-founder of CiM, Victoria Bagnall, as she helps you create a workable plan to pace yourself for the rest of the year.   Victoria Bagnall your host.  Victoria is a co-founder and managing director of Connections in Mind.  She is known globally, in the field of executive function support, for her engaging, interactive and impassioned presentations. Ever since her light bulb moment in 2015, when she first discovered executive functioning, she has dedicated her life to spreading the word. She loves nothing more than helping people make sense of their challenges and be kinder to themselves. Her masterclasses are engaging and practical. All attendees will leave with a workable plan to take the first steps towards building habits which will help them manage their lives and commitments so that they can flourish.    Key Takeways: After the Masterclass with Victoria Bagnall (co-founder of Connections in Mind), you will:
  • Know why people with executive function differences (ADHD) often over- commit. 
  • Understand why the goal of the end of the year can be so enticing 
  • Learn about the role of RSD and perfectionism in planning the BEST festive season, and the art of self-compromise.  
  • Learn how to recognise the signs of burnout and maintain boundaries. 
  • Create a workable plan to pace yourself for success.

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