July’s 2023 Resources

July’s 2023 Resources


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The July Resource pack contains the following resources:

Neuro-insight Module: Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor (BDNF)

Imagine there was a special protein in the brain which helps it to function optimally but 30% of people don’t have enough of this special protein! Introducing the brain’s fertiliser! BDNF: Brain Derived Neurotrophic Factor.

Join our co-founder Victoria Bagnall for this short neuro-insight module, as she takes us through what BDNF is how it impact brain functioning and what we can do to boost our brain’s levels.


Brain Boost Module: How to Practice Self-Acceptance

Neurodivergence can be tough to manage. We are so used to so much criticism & shame that many of us don’t know what it is like not to live behind a mask, just to cope. 

Learning outcomes:

In this pre-recorded, self-paced, bite-size video (less than 6 minutes), Casey Anley, educational psychologist at Connections in Mind, will walk you through:

  • What your self-concept is, and how it develops
  • Why the neurodivergent self-concept is so often directed by trauma
  • Four techniques to learn how to connect with yourself, explore who you are & what you stand for, and how to come home to yourself. 

The accompanying handout will guide you along this process – we recommend that you print the handout & scribble on it while you are watching the course. It’s yours to make your own!


Toolkit: Mindfulness journal

This month’s toolkit helps to guide you to Mind your Mind with some Mindfulness!

Take our 2 week challenge to take some time out for yourself, learn what your body can share with you, and get some more headspace with our short reflection exercises. 

Designed for the neurodivergent brain – new to mindfulness or a seasoned meditator – it has short, punchy reflection points to help guide your practice. 

We recommend you take a look at our recent Mindfulness Masterclass, as well! Take a look over here!

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