Webinar: Introduction To Executive Functions

Webinar: Introduction To Executive Functions


This free webinar was held live on 21st September 2022.
We have recently started charging a small amount (£5) for recordings to cover the costs of our time and running the website – it is still totally free to join on the night!
We are a small group of dedicated ND professionals and we need to work very hard to cover the costs of the services we provide. We are following a growing trend in the ND community to not give our service away for free too much as it devalues our expertise in this area. 
Despite this we are committed to offering support to everyone who needs it so if there is a reason you feel you cannot afford to pay for these courses please do let us know and we can send you a discount code so that you can access them for free. 

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INTRODUCTION to EXECUTIVE FUNCTIONS webinar with Victoria Bagnall (co-founder of Connections in Mind & EF specialist).

Some key takeaways you can expect:

*The neuroscience behind executive functions

*How our brain influences our ability to organise ourselves, manage our behaviour and regulate our emotions to meet our goals

*What next: Support avenues & strategies for stronger executive function skills

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