Mindful Colouring Pages – With an EF Twist

Mindful Colouring Pages – With an EF Twist


5 Mindful Colouring Pages with and EF development twist.

Explore and reignite the pleasure of colouring, with an executive function twist! Our colouring pages will not only help with mindfulness and stress management, but those who use them can rediscover the simple pleasures of engaging in colouring to relax, whilst also improving their brain function.

Psychologists believe the act of colouring can involve both creativity and logic. Selecting colours for specific shapes taps into the analytical part of the brain, while creating the overall colour mix uses the brain’s creative side. This exercises the brain in a unique way, by activating areas of the cerebral cortex that control vision and guide fine motor skills.

We understand that life can be busy and complex so finding peace and calm in a creative outlet can often become a respite that encourages more clear thinking, while fostering a sense of community and accomplishment.

Print these colouring pages out, keep them handy and when you need to reconnect with some calm find your pens or pencils and colour away.

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