Executive Function Skills Support Professional Training​ Summer 2024

Executive Function Skills Support Professional Training​ Summer 2024


Most people have an array of executive function skills strengths and challenges. Identifying those challenges can help in order to devise strategies to overcome these barriers to learning. The malleable nature of the brain’s neural pathways means we can all learn techniques to overcome executive function challenges. 

SEN Professionals who attend our course will learn to screen for executive function differences and design learning support which meets the complex needs of children in their care.  

  • Basic neuroscience and neuroplasticity
  • Executive function skills are and how to communicate their impact
  • Assessing learners executive function profiles
  • Evaluating how ready a learner is to make changes
  • Supporting learners to identify executive function skill goals
  • Supporting learners to develop new habits and strategies
  • Supporting learners to maintain progress
  • Capturing impact and supporting learners to evaluate their progress
  • Connections in Mind’s three step approach to developing executive function skills
  • Communicating about executive functioning with parents, colleagues and SLT
  • Initiating a whole school executive function approach.

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