Brain Upskill Module – 5 easy hacks to tackle procrastination

Brain Upskill Module – 5 easy hacks to tackle procrastination


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“Gosh, I’ve got so much to do…but, I’m just going to clean the house, go buy groceries, and hop onto social media for a wee bit.”


Does this sound like you??


Procrastination can plague us all, and it can be a journey to get it under control. 

Take a look at this bite-size module and accompanying nifty handout that will talk you through 5 easy hacks to gain control of your procrastination – for good!


Learning outcomes:

After this pre-recorded, self-paced module with Casey Anley, educational psychologist at Connections in Mind, you will know:


  • The ins and outs of procrastination
  • Why we turn to procrastination
  • The hidden effect it can have on your life
  • What it is NOT, and how to treat yourself with self-compassion
  • 5 easy to implement hacks to finally get things done

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