April’s 2023 Resources

April’s 2023 Resources


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The April Resource pack contains the following resources:

Neuro-insight Module: The impact of oestrogen on the brain.

Oestrogen is a sex hormone produced by the ovaries. Besides maintaining overall health in women and people who menstruate, oestrogen can also govern brain activity, and has an impact on cognitive skills – and therefore Executive Function skills. 


Dr Soracha Cashman, cognitive neuropsychologist, walks us through the science behind oestrogen in the brain in this short but essential neuro-insight module. 


Key takeaways
  • What is the role of oestrogen in the body? 
  • How does oestrogen work in the brain? 
  • What happens in the brain when oestrogen peaks and troughs? 
  • How does oestrogen interact with ADHD?  
  • How can we best manage our hormonal changes with ADHD?


Brain Boost Module: 5 Tips to Manage your PMS. 
Many of the hormones involved in PMS are also implicated in ADHD/EF challenges, leaving us with a double whammy of challenges. By being proactive in your approach to improving your quality of life around your menstrual cycle, it is possible to take charge and regain your power in negotiating your PMS symptoms. 

Join Casey Anley, educational psychologist and executive function specialist, to learn more about:

  • ADHD symptoms that may be exacerbated during one’s period
  • How Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder (PMDD) is more prevalent in women with ADHD
  • 5 strategies to tackle PMS, with a step-by-step editable guide to help you to create an action plan


Toolkit: Your monthly cycle tracker. 

A great downloadable, printable tracker to track everything from your PMS symptoms and your executive functioning fluctuations, with space to create your very own self-care menu and emotional regulation guide. A very handy tool to take with you to your next GP visit – step into the driver’s seat to take charge of your health!

The toolkit contains:
  • A monthly cycle tracker
  • PMS and ADHD/EF tracker
  • Mood only tracker
  • Self-care menu
  • Zones of regulation guide
  • Affirmation worksheet

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