Procrastination Toolkit

Procrastination Toolkit


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This month’s toolkit provides scaffolding to help you get started on your tasks, but also digs deeper into why it can be so hard to get started; looking at perfectionism, fear of failure and past traumatic experiences.



The printable toolkit contains:


  • Why We Procrastinate – A reasons-ranking worksheet
  • Procrastination Matrix – Worksheet to help match solutions to challenges
  • Procrastination Matrix Terminology – Tackling self-talk poster
  • Where, Why and What to do about my Procrastination – Worksheet to identify your personal tactics
  • CBT Procrastination – Unpacking the next steps worksheet
  • CBT Procrastination Diary – Keep a log of your procrastination
  • Fear Crushing Worksheet – Tackle the underlying issues
  • Procrastination Purge – A checklist to get started
  • Pause Perfectionism Cheatsheet – Address the panic behind perfectionism

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