Our strategy-building courses are designed for those who are looking for support with better managing their time, controlling their emotions, reducing procrastination and improving their working memory. 


Online courses for adults

We know from psychological research that it is never too late for adults to improve their executive functions skills which are needed to be productive in university, in the home and in the workplace. 

Here you will find a selection of  strategy-building courses for adults. These courses will help you understand the neuroscience behind your challenges in addition to learning practical and proven strategies for making long-lasting improvements.

£10 / $14

Is your working memory working? Key strategies adults need for success

£20 / $27
Time Management

Time Management – Increase your productivity and learning potential

£20 / $27
Planning & Prioritisation

Planning & Prioritisation – Avoid distractions & procrastination. Stay focused and increase your productivity

£20 / $27

Sustained Attention – Increase your focus and maximise productivity

£20 / $27
Organisation Course

Organisation – Learn new strategies so that you can regain control of your life

£20 / $27

Goal-Directed Persistence – Learn how to set achievable goals and stay motivated

£20 / $27
Task Initiation

Task Initiation – Reduce procrastination and get started sooner

£20 / $27

Working Memory – Learn how to boost your short term memory

£20 / $27

Emotional Control – Learn strategies to control your emotions

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