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If you are in Europe right now, you will be in the full swing of Summer!

Perhaps you are traveling, or just enjoying a stay-cation. Whatever your vibe, we are here to help you to get into that all-important rest mode!

This month our theme is REST – RECHARGE – RESET.

Look out for our events, live support & strategy groups, courses & resources all geared towards helping you to unwind & reconnect to yourself!


Executive Functions: An Introduction

This course delivers knowledge and learning on Executive Functions which are a family of three core skills: inhibitory control, working memory and cognitive flexibility. These three core executive functions work together in different ways resulting in a set of other high-order skills called executive function skills. 

Victoria will take you through the research behind the strong development of executive function skills being related to better outcomes in social-emotional functioning, physical health and mental wellbeing throughout life. Research has even shown that executive function development is a better predictor of school readiness than entry level maths, English and even IQ!

Magic Mondays

Magic Mondays is taking a Summer break!

Please email Casey at if you would like to be connected with another member as an Accountability Buddy to continue your productivity streak!

Self-Paced Masterclass

Masterclass Rerun: How to communicate about your challenges and build trust

Use this time to reconnect with yourself & be true to yourself as you express your challenges.

This Masterclass was one of our most popular ones, so we are bringing it back for a rerun for you to watch in your own time!

Neuro-Insight Module

Why Vacations are Good for your Brain?

Feeling guilty about taking time off? Need encouragement to invest money in a break?

This month we look at why vacations are good for your brain. A scientific stamp of approval to invest in time off.

Brain-Boost Module

Nurturing your building blocks on holiday (Connection, Fun & Calm)

Have you found that too often you return from a holiday needing a holiday to recover from the holiday? Not this time!

Watch this short video to see how you can nurture those Connection, Fun & Calm EF building blocks, to top up your energy levels & reconnect with yourself!


Stress-Busting Summer Holiday

No more leaving the essentials behind! Take the stress out of preparing for your upcoming trip with these printable checklists.

Interactive Strategy Sessions

Run by Rachel Breskal, one of our executive function coaches, and using the August theme of REST – RECHARGE – RESET, these live strategy sessions will consolidate all the information from the Connected Club.

Come with a goal that you would like to achieve and we can work together to put this into practice. Each week we will discuss strategies to help you get the wagon wheels back on when they start to wobble or fall off!

Session 1, Tuesday 9th August.

Session 2, Tuesday 23rd August

Weekly Support Sessions

Had a bad EF week? Then join one of our weekly support sessions, facilitated by Dr Soracha Cashman, one of our dedicated and experienced executive function coaches. In these sessions, find yourself amongst like minded people who equally struggle with their EFs. Gain and share support and advice, accountability and meet our wonderful EF community. 

Dr Cashman is a cognitive neuropsychologist and experienced group facilitator regularly working with FTSE 100 companies.

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