Courses for families, parents & carers

Our popular online courses will help you build strong family relationships using research and expert-led knowledge grounded in neuroscience.


Online courses for parents & carers

We know that being a parent can be both rewarding and challenging. We experience upheavals, sleepless nights and behavioural challenges. We can all feel frustrated, powerless, stressed, anxious and guilty, even when we know we are doing our best.

Our online courses for parents and families equip you with the tools you need to connect with your family on a whole new level by putting executive functions and neuroscience at the core of your approach.

£150 / $203

Connected Minds Parent Course: A neuroscientific approach to being a parent


Executive Functions: An introduction

£20 / $27
Empathy at home

Using Empathy at Home: A three-step approach

Join our co-founder Victoria Bagnall as she teaches you to use empathy in your everyday life to build connection.

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