Executive Function Informed Practice Training

Helping mental health and well-being professionals better understand how to support clients with executive function differences and provide a service that is executive function informed, and tailored to neurodivergent needs.

Supporting neurodivergent people to access therapy.

Neuroscience is now finding that there are a set of cognitive processes and mental skills that help people plan, monitor, and successfully execute their goals. These executive functions include attentional control, working memory, inhibition, and problem-solving, many of which are needed to engage with therapy, and act on therapeutic goals. Clients with executive dysfunction may be black and white thinkers. A negative experience in counselling or therapy could lead them to believe all experiences of counselling and therapy will be this way, meaning further attempts to access much needed support may be resisted. They can also experience probing questions and confronting observations as criticism and rejection. Added to this may be challenges in managing time, regulating emotions and seeing things through. All of which highlights the need for counsellors and therapists working with these clients to have a thorough understanding of executive function, and the challenges that those with executive function differences may be facing, in order to support them in the best ways possible.

Our EFIP Training Course

Most people have an array of executive function skills, strengths and challenges. Identifying those challenges can help in order to devise strategies to overcome these barriers to engaging effectively in therapy. The malleable nature of the brain’s neural pathways means we can all learn techniques to overcome executive function challenges. 

Mental health and well-bring professionals who attend our Level 1 course will learn to recognise executive dysfunction, to understand what this might mean for their clients, and integrate this knowledge into their practice, adapting for the specific needs of the client.

What does the course cover?

  • Basic neuroscience & neuroplasticity
  • The impact of trauma on brain development and function
  • Executive function skills literacy 
  • What are signs of executive function challenges?
  • What makes for an Executive Function Informed Practice? 
  • Entrenched societal unconscious bias about executive dysfunction and its practical and personal impacts 
  • Understanding the impact of executive function challenges on negotiating therapeutic goals
  • How to communicate the impacts of EF challenges
  • Reasonable expectations of clients with EF challenges
  • Communicating about executive functioning with colleagues
  • Professional boundaries between executive function specialist support and executive function informed mental health professional practice
This course accredits professionals at Level 1 of 4. Please read more about your Levels of Accreditation here. 

Perfect for:

  • Counsellors and Therapists from all approaches.
  • Mental Health and Well-being professionals.
  • Front line Health and Social Care professionals.

Who can attend the training?

The training is designed for mental health and well-being professionals who are already qualified and working in therapeutic settings.

It is perfect for anyone delivering mental health or well-being interventions and therapies, who wants to better understand the executive function challenges their clients may face, and aims to embed executive function informed practice into their daily work.

The training is suitable for counsellors and therapists from all approaches, and would also benefit front line health and social care professionals. Bespoke training can also be arranged within your company, charity or organisation.

In order to enrol on the Level 1 course you will need to provide evidence that you are a registered practitioner with a minimum of two years post-qualification experience. To advance to Level 2 onwards,  you will need to have completed Level 1 and have an active portfolio of clients. 

It is important to note that this course is an additional skills training course and does not replace a counselling or therapeutic qualifications.

PLEASE TAKE NOTE of our Training Ts and Cs before booking your spot on the training. 

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