Introducing the CPD Accredited Webinar Library

We’re thrilled to introduce the CPD Accredited Webinar Library, now available as part of our School Subscription and Professional Individual Subscription. This fantastic resource is designed to provide a friendly and accessible way for both educators and professionals to engage in valuable knowledge around executive functions skills.

Our CPD Accredited Webinar Library brings together a diverse range of webinars, 

presented by Victoria Bagnall Co-founder of Connections in Mind.

School Subscribers

For School Subscribers, the CPD Accredited Webinar Library is a treasure trove of professional growth opportunities for faculty members.

With access to a wealth of CPD accredited webinars, educators can easily stay up-to-date with the latest executive function support.

Professional Individual Subscribers

Professional Individual Subscribers also gain immense value from the CPD Accredited Webinar Library. Whether you’re a teacher, administrator, health practitioner, EF coach, or a professional in another field, this resource offers a friendly and inclusive platform for advancing your understanding in executive functioning, whilst meeting your CPD requirements.

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CPD Webinar – The science behind behaviour: An approach which works for everybody.


CPD Webinar – Why are long term projects so hard?


CPD Webinar – Why are Math word problems so hard?


CPD Webinar – Why are transitions so hard? Executive Function Perspectives and Solutions.


CPD Webinar – Why is essay writing so hard? Executive Function Perspectives and Solutions


CPD Webinar – Why is homework so hard?


CPD Webinar – Why is revision so hard? Executive function perspectives and solutions


Executive Functions: An introduction


Webinar – EF Strategies for SENCOs

About our CPD webinars

  • All webinars in our library are CPD accredited, meaning they meet rigorous quality and relevance standards. By attending and actively participating in these webinars, you will earn valuable CPD credits.
  • We understand that flexibility in your busy lives is crucial, which is why all webinars are available on-demand to watch at your leisure, allowing you to learn at your own pace and fit your professional development activities into your busy schedule.
  • Upon completion of each webinar, you will be able to download your unique CPD Accredited Webinar completion certificate.

We’re genuinely excited to offer this valuable resource as part of our School Subscription and Professional Individual Subscription. 

It’s our way of demonstrating our dedication to supporting the growth and development of educators and professionals.

Upcoming live webinars and training courses:

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