Free Webinar: Introduction to Executive Functions

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Free Introduction Webinar

21 September 2022 – 8pm (UK Time)


Are you keen to learn more about executive functions to make some changes in your life, or to be able to better support your loved ones?

If you have an interest in learning more about how your brain works and why sometimes it is really difficult to get things done – then this webinar is for you.  

Victoria Bagnall Your Host

Victoria is a co-founder and managing director of Connections in Mind.  Victoria is known globally, in the field of executive function support, for her engaging, interactive and impassioned presentations. Ever since her light bulb moment in 2015, when she first discovered executive functioning, she has dedicated her life to spreading the word. She loves nothing more than helping other people experience their light bulb moment, where the challenges they, and those they love, face come into focus through the executive function lens and they learn that they are not “stupid”, “lazy” or “hopeless”. 

 Some Key Takeaways you can expect:

*The neuroscience behind executive functions

*How our brain influences our ability to organise ourselves, manage our behaviour and regulate our emotions to meet our goals

*What next: Support avenues & strategies for stronger executive function skills

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