Self Learning Module – Using Your Brain To Develop Healthy Habits

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Your brain has such a remarkable habit-forming capability and can be used to your advantage – creating new habits. During this pre-recorded self help module we will be looking at using your brain to create new habits and maintaining them.

Learning outcomes

After this pre-recorded, self help module with Victoria Bagnall, Co Founder of Connections in Mind and executive function expert you will know :

  • How long it takes to form a habit
  • That you need to attach it to something else you do in a day
  • What habit you want to create
  • That each time you do something you are casting a vote for the person you want to become
  • To think through the obstacles
  • To create a workable plan
  • How to stay motivated

Please note: This Masterclass is aimed at those who have a good understanding of executive functions. If you haven’t done so already, we recommend you take our Introduction to Executive Functions course.

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