Livecast – Trust and executive functions: are people with executive function challenges inherently untrustworthy?

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Join Co-Founders of Connections in Mind: Imogen Moore-Shelley and Victoria Bagnall as they discuss the trials and tribulations of living with executive function challenges. Both Imogen and Victoria have their own EF challenges and live with husbands who have ADHD, so they know first hand how hard it can be, but also how brilliant. 

In this 50 minute “livecast” (live video podcast), they will have a live, informal discussion about building trust in relationships and how executive function challenges can get in the way.  Join them as they chat about: 


  1. Living with partners with ADHD

  2. How hard it is to trust someone who promises to do things and doesn’t follow through. 

  3. The good, the bad and the ugly of executive function challenges in relationships. 

  4. The importance of empathy. 

  5. How to build trust where it matters, move away from shame and blame and scaffold the development of executive function skills in each other. 

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