Sustained Attention – Increase your focus and maximise productivity

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Course Description

Sustained attention is one of our executive function skills which enable us to remain focused on a situation or a task in spite of fatigue, distraction or boredom. It allows us to work efficiently and increase our learning potential. 

In todays busy world there are so many distractions which keep us from our tasks and to do lists. Social media, email, families and life all lead to the tasks building up and the stress and overwhelm increasing. Improving your sustained attention can help you reduce these feelings and regain control of your work and home tasks.

This short, coach led course takes a practical approach to boost your sustained attention, demonstrating that these skills are critical to being effective and succeeding both at work and at home.

What you will learn 

  • Understand sustained attention in relation to executive functions and neuroscience
  • Learn new, proven strategies which you can use straight away to improve your focus and maximise productivity at home and at work
  • Learn to use time more wisely and do things faster without losing focus
  • Feel motivated even if you are not motivated
  • Deal with distractions easily
  • Work without fear and anxiety

Your Course Coach

Matt Rossler is an accredited coach with over 10 years’ experience supporting adolescents and adults to improve their executive function skills and achieve their career, academic and life goals. Matt also works with groups and organisations where he provides training on executive functions and productivity, an area he specialises in.

This video course is aimed at anyone who struggles with staying focused or easily distracted.

For those who feel overwhelmed, unproductive or burnt out from trying to manage everything on their plate. 

“Very good course, it was a helpful start, positive energy and good explanatory skills.”

“Really good course, very informative, good vibe, really good quality, the teacher is very positive and has a great plan.”

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