Empathy in Relationships – Brain Upskill Module

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Empathy is arguably the most powerful skill we can harness to build relationships.  True empathy is the antidote to emotional dysregulation and helps build connection with the ones we care for most. This connection inturn helps build stronger executive functions because feeling safe, loveable and valuable is essential to their development*. 

Learning outcomes

After this pre-recorded, self help module with Victoria Bagnall, Co Founder of Connections in Mind and executive function expert you will know:

  • What empathy is and how it differs from sympathy
  •  How empathy soothes our emotional responses and allows our executive functions to come back online
  • How to be present with your partner when they are dysregulated
  • The importance of active listening
  • How to compose an empathetic response
  • What to avoid when trying this new skill


* This course is best watched in conjunction with our Trauma and Executive Functions neuroscience module – click here for access. 

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