Schools Webinar: The science behind behaviour: An approach that actually works.

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Over the last 30 years we have learnt so much more about how the brain operates. The evidence very clearly shows that traditional school behaviour policies are not aligned with what we now know about the brain’s structure and function. In many cases traditional behaviour policies are actively (but not intentionally) discriminating against neurodiverse learners and those who have experienced trauma. Sadly in many cases these policies are unknowingly causing significant psychological harm.

Join Victoria Bagnall in this CPD Accredited course as she takes you through:

  •  What executive functions are and how they impact teaching and learning.
  •  Executive functioning, neurodiversity and trauma.
  •  How traditional behaviour policies escalate unexpected behaviour and may cause psychological harm
  •  A three step approach to behaviour which can transform children’s development.

Who is this course for:

Teachers and Senior Leaders in education who want to create a progressive, inclusive behaviour policy which benefits all members of the school community.

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