CCS Coach Training – Preparation for Session 2

Enrolled: 12 students

Duration: ? minutes

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EF Coach Training Self-study Module 2 Coaching & Professional Skills

In the next session our focus will be on developing the foundational coaching skills and professional skills you will need in order to become a successful executive function coach. 

Your self study module this week included 6 tasks:

  • Paraphrasing (reading & exercise)
  • Open & close questions (reading & exercise)
  • Boundaries & confidentiality (video & exercise)
  • Parents (video & exercise)
  • Differentiation & flexibility (video & exercise)
  • Reflective practice (video & exercise)


The online group training session will comprise:

  • Stages of behaviour change (presentation & group activity)
  • Open/ closed questions & Paraphrasing (presentation & practice triad)
  • Boundaries (discussion)
  • Stakeholder communication (group activity)
  • Differentiation and flexibility (group activity)
  • Reflective Practice (group activity)

Course Developer

Victoria Bagnall - Victoria, is a pioneer in the field of executive function skills development and passionately believes that applying the latest developments in neuroscience is the key to unlocking the potential to flourish in all aspects of our lives. As a mother of 3 herself, Victoria understands the need for empathy in the home to have happy and harmonious families.

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