Planning & Prioritisation – Avoid distractions & procrastination. Stay focused and increase your productivity

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Course Description

Planning is an executive function skill that enables us to create a roadmap with steps to reach a goal. Prioritisation is the ability to make decisions to take the right step at the right time. They are both crucial elements required in business and throughout our personal lives. 

Without planning your time and prioritising what is important to you, it is impossible to identify with the activities which are most productive. Where we are not focussed on the elements which make us effective, we can begin to waste time and energy on the mountain of tasks which appear and can lead to stress, anxiety and overwhelm.

Our short, coach led course will provide you with an awareness of the areas which you can improve in your day to day planning. By doing so you can be more effective and complete your tasks or projects in good time. 

What you will learn

  • Understand planning and prioritisation in relation to executive functions and neuroscience
  • Learn new strategies which you can begin to use in work or at home which will make you more focussed and effectives
  • Set goals based on desired outcomes to ensure your effort will achieve your goal 
  • Increase productivity and get more done in less time
  • Manage your time and your projects
  • Feel confident that you’re making progress and focusing on top priorities

Your Course Coach

Phoebe White has been supporting individuals to reach their goals and improve their performance for 15 years. Phoebe is a real people lover and enjoys helping clients understand their personal strategies and devise new ones where they feel they could improve.

This course is aimed at those who are ready to learning planning and prioritisation strategies which can transform lives. Its for those who always feels busy but don’t seem to get much accomplished or  those who are tired of not knowing to work on first and are tired of having things hanging over their head.  

“This is a great course, I was aware of the theory, but not so good at the implementation. I have faith that I can implement these strategies consistently” Mark, Civil Servant

“This is an great course – ‘jam-packed’ full of helpful information and actionable steps for becoming more productive” Samantha, Travel Industry

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