Organisation – Learn new strategies so that you can regain control of your life

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Course Description

Organisation is one of our executive function skills that enable us to plan, prioritise, file and order information to establish an effective working environment. Challenges with organisation can lead to stress, frustration and a sense of losing control. This short course will provide you with strategies to improve your organisational skills, and will help you reduce these feelings and regain control of your work and home tasks.

Executive functions are a set of skills that allow us to direct our focus to plan, start, remember, and continue tasks: inhibition, cognitive flexibility and working memory.

This course takes a practical approach to boost your organisational skills, demonstrating that these skills are critical to being effective and succeeding both at work and at home.

What you will learn

  • Understanding on how organisation relates to executive functions and neuroscience
  • Learn some new strategies which you can start using straight away to improve your organisation including computer organisation, paper organisation, desk organisation and bedroom organisation
  • Examine current habits and routines that are not organised
  • Learn to prioritise your time schedule and daily tasks
  • Learn to resist procrastination
  • Make plans to stay organised in the future 

Your Course Coach

Christina Griva is Assistant Educational Psychologist as well as a former Executive Function Coach with Connections in Mind. Christina loves supporting people in enhancing their executive functions and improving their career performance, as well as, their everyday life.

This coach led course is for those who want to improve productivity, acquire better management techniques and an overall increase in professional and personal growth by becoming more organised. 

“This course actually motivated me to get up and organise my room and my desk. Hopefully it is the first step into clearing my mind!”

“This course opened my mind up to what my issue was with disorganization. Great tips and strategies.”

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