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Every month, our team of experts spend hours distilling our knowledge and the latest research into engaging, easy-to-digest video learning modules and printable toolkits. This year, we are even adding a couple of links to podcasts we know you will love, too!

Feedback from you, our lovely members, has been that is it quite overwhelming and you are not sure where to start.  

So in 2023, we have decided to create a monthly resource pack that you can work through at your own speed. You can track your progress in the progress bar above, and – the icing on the cake – if you complete all the elements before the end of this month, we will award you 100 extra sparkly points for you to redeem against purchases on the site (including your monthly subs)!

Get started now to make the most of these amazing resources.

Neuro-insight Module

The neuroscience of connection

We are wired in such a way that our well-being depends on our connections with others, but emotional and social connections can be problematic for neurodiverse people. 

Join Dr Soracha Cashman, cognitive neuropsychologist, in this brief Neuro Insights module to learn a little more about connection and why it can be a challenge for those with EF difficulties… but one we can improve on.

Brain Boost Module

5 tips for family harmony over the festive season

The festive season can be hard…and can spur on a lot of emotional overwhelm with all the planning, negotiation of expectations and family pressures. This bite-size video (7 mins) will help you with an individualised, practical plan of 5 tips to ensure family harmony over the festive season.


Festive season emotional regulation toolkit

Holiday overwhelm can be real – but there ARE ways to help regulate your emotions in these trying times. 

We’ve got practical strategies – come take a look!

Podcast recommendation

How To Handle Big Emotions During The Holidays With ADHD

In This Episode, You Will Discover

  • What emotional dysregulation is.
  • Why people with ADHD navigate such big emotions.
  • A simple yet powerful set of questions to help support yourself through these emotions and show up the way you want to.

Executive Function Stories

Listen to our Podcast Channel

Have you listened to our Podcast – a podcast created BY neurodivergents FOR neurodivergents, where neurotypicals might have their own AHA moments as well!
Join us as our wonderful community members share their stories to inspire others!

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