Neuroinsight Module – The Neuroscience of Procrastination

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Learn about the brain systems involved in procrastination and the battle they engage in every time you put something off. 

In this course you’ll learn how the brain’s architecture makes procrastination almost inevitable for many people with executive function challenges, and we’ll tell you about some of the science behind that.

We’ll talk through the benefits of working to change your delaying tactics and how working on reducing your procrastination tendencies by accessing the learning pit can also help with developing a growth mindset and perseverance.  

We’ll give you insight into some of the neuroscience backed steps you can take to shift away from doing tomorrow and towards doing today.

Learning outcomes:

After this pre-recorded, self-paced module with Dr Soracha Cashman, cognitive neuropsychologist and executive coach with Connections in Mind, you will know:

  • The areas of the brain involved in procrastination and how our brains procrastinate

  • Why neurodiverse and people with executive function challenges are more likely to procrastinate

  • The hidden benefits both of procrastination and of working to improve on it

  • The Learning Pit and how using it can help 

  • Some neuroscience backed steps you can take to shift your mindset and behaviour

  • One powerful tactic you can use to change your brains architecture away from procrastination

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