Masterclass – Sticking to a Sustainable Routine

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Our Locus of Control refers to how much we feel we have a sense of agency (or control) in regard to our lives. It is an important building block of self-evaluation, which leads to self-efficacy, self-esteem, and emotional stability. Research has shown that many neurodiverse people have a more external locus of control and lower self-esteem, which leads to feeling like you’re not fully in charge of your life. When we attribute outcomes to external forces beyond our control, we can find ourselves feeling helpless to enact change. This can make it harder for us to set boundaries and maintain balance. Sometimes we may feel as if we are always desperately trying to play catch-up, or barely staying afloat, as we attempt to get things done.

In this Masterclass we’ll show that our level of control is often more to do with our perception of it, and that when we know how to shift our perception, we can choose to build better boundaries and achieve balance in our day-to-day lives.

Key Takeways:

After the Masterclass with Dr Soracha Cashman, Cognitive Neuropsychologist and Casey Anley, Educational Psychologist, you will know:

  • Techniques to help identify what you can and can’t control;
  • Tools to better cope with situations – the Control, Influence, Accept Model;
  • How to set and maintain better boundaries between work and home;
  • The importance of balance, self-care and downtime for Emotional Regulation
  • Key techniques for making your routine sustainable without making it too boring to maintain;
  • Top tips for developing self-awareness and exercising your metacognitive skills
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