Masterclass – Procrastination: Your Brain Is Blocking Your Success

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Despite our best efforts to complete the most important task each day, we find ourselves easily distracted and waste our precious time on browsing the web and social media, phone calls and emails.


We find ourselves constantly falling behind on our goals and often wait until the last minute to get things done. And over time, we develop the destructive habit of starting new things, but never finishing what we set out do. It’s a vicious cycle of hope and excitement, followed by disappointment and guilt, which takes a knock on your self-confidence because you feel like you’re wasting your potential.

Truth is, most strategies don’t work because they fail to address the executive function changes we need to make in order to start taking action.

Our Procrastination Masterclass will help you identify the root cause of this resistance by looking at your task initiation executive function and how to begin to replace unproductive habits with good ones that last a lifetime.

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