Masterclass – Mindfulness (June 2023)

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This event was live 14 June 2023

If you are new to mindfulness, you may have some pretty intimidating images of sitting for hours, cross-legged, emptying your mind – what may seem like torture for those of us who struggle with sustained attention and impulse inhibition!

This stereotype brought on by media doesn’t paint an accurate picture of mindfulness, nor the true benefits it can bring to us in today’s chaotic world. There is clear research to show that mindfulness has proved effective in helping to relieve the symptoms of ADHD, and a range of mindfulness interventions have shown to be popular as part of a treatment plan for symptom management  (Cairncross & Miller, 2020). 

In this Mindfulness Masterclass, Victoria Bagnall (co-founder of Connections in Mind & EF expert) and Casey Anley (educational psychologist & EF coach) will take a deep dive into the use of mindfulness as a valuable support for neurodiverse brains. 

You CAN be a person who enjoys the benefits of mindfulness – let us help show you how!

We will jump in to explore these Key Takeaways:


  • Unpacking the benefits & power of mindfulness for neurodiverse brains
  • Dispelling myths & stereotypes
  • Finding a way of going about mindfulness that you enjoy & that works for you
  • How to fit it into a busy schedule
  • Setting up this new habit so it sticks!
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