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Live Zoom accountability Get It Done sessions, run by YOU - the Connected Club community!

What's a GET IT DONE session?

We know that Task Initiation can be a real struggle – you know, the ‘getting started’ part of things! That’s why we have create an online co-working space for some ‘body doubling’ – READ: Some awesome humans on a Zoom call to help with that accountability to get you into your seat and into your to-do list. 

Drop in to join us on Zoom – screen on, mic off – for 30 minutes, for a hit of accountability! You will be working silently on your own tasks in this virtual space with a community of other productivity ninjas to GET IT DONE!

Time to set a date with your to-do list, for productivity ninja time!

Join us in 3 easy steps:

View the Get It Done Days schedule


Click here to access the community schedule, 

where you will find Zoom links to each session hosted by a Connected Club member.



Join our Get It Done Days Whatsapp group.

Either click on this link OR scan the QR code below to add yourself to the Whatsapp group. 

You will be notified when a member is about to host an accountability session, so you can hop on to join in!

Join us – no need to book. 

Our sessions are hosted by Connected Club members. It’s this community camraderie that makes it work! 


Consider hosting your own session for when you also need accountability, by following the instructions on the schedule page.

Ground Rules for joining

By joining the Get It Done Days Whatsapp group and Zoom sessions, you agree to engage respectfully with our community, and to respect group members’ privacy. The Whatsapp group is purely for Get It Done session notifications. Phone numbers on the Whatsapp group are not to be distributed to any third parties. Please communicate through Connections in Mind should you wish to get in touch with another member. Please use the regular Whatsapp line to get in touch with us for non-Get It Done Day matters – the number is +44 7923 400689.

If you get stuck, please email or

Whatsapp +44 7923 400 689



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