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Every month, our team of experts spend hours distilling our knowledge and the latest research into engaging, easy-to-digest video learning modules and printable toolkits. This year, we are even adding a couple of links to podcasts we know you will love, too!

Feedback from you, our lovely members, has been that is it quite overwhelming and you are not sure where to start.  

So in 2023, we have decided to create a monthly resource pack that you can work through at your own speed. You can track your progress in the progress bar above, and – the icing on the cake – if you complete all the elements before the end of this month, we will award you 100 extra sparkly points for you to redeem against purchases on the site (including your monthly subs)!

Get started now to make the most of these amazing resources.

Neuro-insight Module

The Importance of Questioning for Neuro-development

Psychologists study for years to perfect the art of questioning. But why is it such an effective tool? Learn about why questioning is such a powerful tool in developing new habits, and how answering questions helps you focus and find your true path forward.

Join our co-founder Victoria Bagnall for this short neuro-insight module to understand more about how questioning (the foundation of our work at Connections in Mind) can help you and others around you to reach their goals.

Brain Boost Module

Top 5 Tech Tools to Get Things Done

In this whistle-stop tour, we walk you through five of our favourite tech tools that we believe would be helpful to maintain your concentration. We do a video walkthrough of each tool, as well as which executive functions they help to support. 

The accompanying handout provides further links for you to learn more and try it out for yourself, as well as space to reflect on your experience of each tool. 

Learning outcomes:

After this pre-recorded, self-paced module with Casey Anley, educational psychologist at Connections in Mind, you will know:

  • More about sustained attention
  • How hyperfocus & distractability works
  • 5 tried-and-tested tech tools & the EF skills they can support


Focus & Concentration Toolkit

This month’s toolkit focuses on supporting your focus & concentration. Sustained attention & response inhibition can often lead us to stray away from our to-do list or work plan – these tips should help you to refocus & get into your productivity ninja zone!

Podcast recommendation

Practicing Mindfulness for Your ADHD

Casey Dixon joined ADHD Coach Nikki Kinzer and broadcaster Pete Wright (also an adult with ADHD) to discuss mindfulness and why practicing mindfulness for your ADHD is such an important topic, getting all sorts of attention.  We also talked about MindfullyADD and how to get started with your own mindfulness practice without piling on the “shoulds.”

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