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Wednesday 20th October 2021, 8pm (BST) 3pm (EST)

This is a test to see if I can represent a webinar as a course.

About this webinar:

How our children perform academically at school will determine their opportunities when considering further and higher education, work placements and available career paths. Understanding how to harness the power of your child’s brain so that they can flourish is everything that we work towards as a parent.

Executive functions are the key cognitive processes in our brains that underpin every task that we do. From being on time, to avoiding distractions and staying motivated, our executive functions control all of these tasks required for good academic progress and overall performance. Join Victoria Bagnall, Co-founder of Connections in Mind, in this very special webinar which will cover:

– What are executive functions

– What is the relationship between academic performance and executive functions?

– As a parent, how you can support strong executive function development

– How to approach your child’s teacher about executive functions in the classroom

Who is this webinar aimed at? Parents and Educational Professionals

Cost: Complimentary 

“Helps with continuing to join the dots – and see the missed opportunities

Webinar attendees, 24th March, 2021

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